Thursday, December 20, 2012

Things I Learned About Apps in 2012

Rule 1: As soon as you find an app you love, it gets “improved.”

Rule 2: Nobody ever asks if you want your app improved.

Rule 3: A really good app will be improved in a series of releases until it becomes slow, bloated and useless. (You can watch "innovator's dilemma" unfold in real time, right before your eyes.)

Rule 4:  Describing an app as “gorgeous” is like saying your blind date has personality. (Corollary: A "gorgeous" app is essentially useless, even before the first "improvement.")

Rule 5: There's no such thing as a free app. (Corollary:
Apps use you more than you use them.)  

Rule 6: Apps launched without a revenue model are especially dangerous and prone to self-destruction.

Rule 7: Apps are like diamonds; if we stopped mining them today there would be enough already in circulation for every man, woman and child for the next century.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Reverse Engineering Big Data

Want to dabble in Big Data, right from the comfort of your own keypad?  Want to know what the rest of the world is thinking using one of the world’s great algorithms?

I don’t pretend to understand Google’s Autocomplete, but I do know that it wants to try to answer my question before I even know what I want to ask.  In other words, it takes what billions of people are doing and tells us, Big Data-style, exactly what the rest of the world is thinking about.  

It’s very cool, sometimes distracting, and often very scary.